Komphela lashes out at ref Gomes

Gomes took centre stage when he controversially red carded Stars defender Soriola Gege before awarding a penalty to United a few minutes before half time.

Matsatsantsa beat Ea Lla Koto 4-1 and Komphela believes the referee was influential in the outcome of the match.

It is not the first time Komphela has had a run-in with Gomes.

“Terrible. I thought we were going to give a very good game up until the referee decided on his own to say ‘No, no, this time I’m spoiling everything’,” Komphela said during the press conference.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. Yellow cards flashed like they were going out of fashion.

“Without any disrespect to Cavin Johnson, they played well, I must congratulate them. But there was a stage where you could see the referee was just about to take the ball and throw it inside the net. The guy was giving free-kicks, yellow cards, and I said ‘what’s going on with this guy, is he out of his mind?’

“And clearly before the red card was given, I said to the bench we won’t finish this match, we will play with some one getting a red card.”

Gomes was named Referee of the Season during the PSL awards in May this year. However, Komphela says he is a disgrace to football.

“With the referee like this, who needs an opponent? This guy is the referee of the season if I’m not mistaken. It’s a disgrace whoever puts him there. If this is the best that comes out of South Africa, the country has no quality. This is a disgrace, I’m not insulting those who made the choice, but this guy is not doing justice to the choice they made.

“It’s unfortunate because Gomes is the Referee of the Season and I’m sure the referee who has been given that accolade would have handled this game much better.

“From a technical point of view, we were not overpowered tactically, I think we coped well. Physically we stood up to the punishment. The only thing was the factor outside what I could influence – decisions from the official – and there is nothing I could do about it, unfortunately.”