Palacios: What we learned from Compact Cup


Football expert Augusto Palacios is very pleased with what Saturday's Compact Cup matches revealed about local football in South Africa.

The PSL and DStv have come together to form a tournament called the DStv Compact Cup which has seen all 16 top-flight teams unite and form four teams from different regions.

The showdown kicked off this past weekend, with Coastal United beating Dinaledi FC to book their spot in the final of the competition, while in the second semi-final Amabutho lost out to the Warriors.

The final of the competition will take place at the FNB Stadium on Saturday, January 29.

"The Compact gives opportunity to the player to keep match fitness, and you can see some of the young players are being given opportunities to play with professional players,” Palacios tells

"This can be a good motivation for these young players. Next time maybe if we can include three young players.

"I think this showed that our PSL players are hungry to return to play. They are very hungry. It's good also that spectators were back, I believe there are still more numbers that need to come. It's a good motivation for the players.

"It also gives opportunity to young coaches like Fani Madida to experiment how it is to be in charge of the bench.

"I think it has these objectives, give match fitness to the players who the supporters select, we very happy the crowd is back we hope it increases, the young players, it shows which province is more hungry to play.

"I think it was something also for the local people to watch local football on TV. It felt good after a long time,” he said.