Makaab: Tau is reaping the benefits

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Mike Makaab says what is happening to Percy Tau in the Premier League is not by accident as the Bafana Bafana forward is reaping the rewards of his hard work.

Tau recently returned to his English Premier League parent club Brighton & Hove Albion after spending some time on loan in Belgium.

The top agent says even though Tau will need to make slight adjustments in his style of play to accommodate his new teammates, the fact that he started against Manchester City last week shows the player has a great future in Europe.

"I was absolutely thrilled to see the manager give him the heads up and the confidence to be in the starting line-up against a team like Man City," the Prosport International boss tells

"It's going to take adjustment, I don't have to tell you. Although the league in Belgium is a strong league, the Premier League is just at a different level. So it's going to take him a little bit of adjustment, but I think it's wonderful to see Percy play in the Premier League.

"I think he thoroughly deserves it. He's a great young man, he's worked hard, he hasn't complained. And now he's reaping the benefits of all those years of hard work that he's put into his career. A beautiful story and a great inspirational role model for young players.

"I think it will be a slight adjustment, I don't think Percy can ever change who he is, not at his age. But like all professional footballers who are talented and who are skilled at their trade, I think there are going to be certain adjustments.

"You know different managers and different teams will require or demand a different set of skills and a different set of contributions from different players. Playing for Brighton you're going to have to work really hard because no game for Brighton is going to be a walk in a park.

"So he's going to have to contribute to the team's collective and to the work ethic that the team has. But no doubt he will do that."

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Makaab, who has sent a few players to Europe in the past, has some words of advice for the Witbank-born star.

"Just keep setting your objectives and your ambitions higher and higher. Now that you are in the English Premiership, look at taking it even a notch further. If he works really hard and does really well, he'll be signed over time by a bigger club either in England or a top club in Spain.

"He needs to set himself up so that one day when he retires from football, people talk about him the same way that they spoke about Lucas Radebe at Leeds United. You know that's all I can advise him, because he's a wonderful young man and he's got such an incredible attitude towards life and towards the game."

Makaab pleads with players who are still plying their trade in the PSL to learn from Tau's courage and bravery.

"I think if you look at Percy, what I really admire... yes he went to Brighton but then he was loaned out to the second tier in Belgium, never complained, rolled his sleeves up, worked his socks off... and from there he went to Brugges, did well at Brugge, well enough to earn the respect of Vincent Kompany. Went to Anderlecht, did well enough to be recalled by Brighton mid-season.

"If there's anything to be learnt it's that any career requires dedication and perseverance."

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