Ledwaba: This is injustice for women!

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Sacked SAFA vice-president Ria Ledwaba says she will be doing injustice to women in the country if she fails to challenge the organisation's recent decision to fire her.

SAFA showed Ledwaba the exit door during the assocications's extraordinary NEC meeting held at SAFA House in Nasrec on Saturday.

Ledwaba was sacked together with other vice-president Gay Mokoena for what was termed as a violation of the association's constitution.

The former Ria Stars boss is alleged to have written a letter to the Minister of Sports Nathi Mthethwa to intervene on Mokoena's report, which questioned the leadership within SAFA under Danny Jordan.

The letter apparently did not sit well with some members of the NEC who voted both that Ledwaba and Mokoena be removed from their positions.

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"In Saturday’s NEC meeting, the overwhelming majority of the NEC members expressed their disappointment in both vice-presidents Ria Ledwaba and Gay Mokoena in their handling of SAFA matters in the public domain and their engagement with third parties," reads a press statement by SAFA.

"The NEC expressed their displeasure at the two’s violation of the SAFA’s laid down internal processes and understood this as lack of confidence in the Association’s Constitutional and governance structures. It is on this basis that the NEC decided that the two vice-presidents should be removed and replaced."

However, Ledwaba says she will not leave the issue lying down and will fight for what she terms as justice for women in the country.

"I think it will be injustice for women in this country if I am not going to challenge it," Ledwaba tells KickOff.com.

"I have not applied my mind yet [on the decision to take]. I think I will apply my mind probably tomorrow to look at options on what it is that can be done.

"What happened in that NEC meeting was injustice. What I would not say is what actions I need to do. After I have applied my mind I will be able to say what I am going to do and the way forward.

"As a woman in this country, I cannot be treated like this. I know I have done nothing. I have not violated any constitution. I am waiting for that letter. That's why I am saying I will apply my mind after I have seen the letter.

"The letter will say what constitution I have violated. I don't know what I have violated. You can only apply your mind when you know what you have violated. I mean writing to the minister, is it violating the constitution?

"Another thing is they don't have a letter so they are removing me as a vice-president when they don't even know what I wrote. They couldn't even wait for the letter.

"Now people remove you, they don't even have the letter. It was an orchestrated move to remove me. They've done it."