Broos: If we don't qualify you can kill me

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New Bafana Bafana coach Hugo Broos has boldly given permission to South Africans to pummel him should he fail to achieve a major national team mandate.

Bafana will begin their road to Qatar 2022 in September against neighbouring Zimbabwe and African giants Ghana, before back-to-back encounters against Ethiopia in October.

On the back of the team's failure to qualify for next year's Africa Cup of Nations, the nation had high hopes of the new coach taking South Africa to next year's World Cup.

However, even before his first national team camp, Broos has slashed expectations after he conceded that qualification for the global spectacle will be difficult and that failure to do so should not be seen as a disappointment.

"We will do everything – and when I say everything I mean everything – to be qualified for the World Cup next year, but you have to be realistic also, it's not an easy group," Broos said in his first official press briefing.

"You have Ghana again, and then you have two countries Zimbabwe and Ethiopia who are dangerous countries – not top level in Africa but it's tough.

"On the other side, we will try to rebuild a successful team. You know, when you're rebuilding there are always moments of weakness, so it can happen that we are not qualified for the World Cup.

"It has to be not a disappointment if we are not [qualified] because it can happen, but it does not have to be a blame [on the team]. So don't be angry if we are not qualified for the World Cup, but 2023 there is AFCON – if we are not qualified for that, you can kill me.

"But again, we will do everything to be qualified for the World Cup; who doesn't want to go to the World Cup? Only crazy people, but okay, it will be tough."

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