Benson blasts Ntseki, SAFA: 'We're a joke'

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Benson Mhlongo has withdrawn his vote of confidence in Molefi Ntseki and gone in hard on SAFA, calling our football "a joke" after another failure.

Last year 'Mayanga' told this website that Ntseki should not be be fired even if he fails to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations. That was in November last year.

But after Ntseki and his team disappointed the nation last week by making failure a reality, Mhlongo has understandably changed his tune.

"When he started he presented a vision of him giving this crop opportunities, selecting fairly and according to performance but when he said in some radio interview [Itumeleng] Khune should be included in the squad despite not playing, I was so disappointed," Mhlongo tells

"We are still going back in that thing of trying to develop people for the national team. This is not the platform for that. Only on-form players should play for the national team. A national team is about results, not about a 10-year plan.

"Use our under-17, under-20 for your 10-year plan. Development should be done on the grassroots. The national team is for people that are ready to deliver. Let's stop choking. Development belongs to clubs, not the national team.

"During our time were sjamboked, told we were not serious, we drink on duty, whereas we went out after the game. But this generation is being given a freeway to say, 'They are young, we planning for five years.' How can you plan with a player for five years? Who are you? Are you God to guarantee a person to be alive for that long?

"We are joking as a country, honestly. We are a joke honestly. I'm so disappointed and disgusted in the panel that we have. A spade should be a spade. Let a player that's on form go and play. To play for the national team you must be the best in the country, not best in your team.

"A national team belongs to a certain group... are we a political party? We'd rather lose with on-form people... how can you select a player just because he's in 18 [club squad] every week?

"Are we really that stupid as a nation? It means you are saying a person who is a benchwarmer overseas is better than somebody who plays every week here at home."

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