Tsichlas: Vision 2022 hasn't failed!

SA National Teams

SAFA's Anastasia Tsichlas rejects the idea that 'Vision 2022' has already failed and speaks bluntly about the responsibilities of the players themselves.

Following Bafana Bafana's failure to qualify for next year's Africa Cup of Nations finals to be hosted by Cameroon, most people believe the mission has not met its target.

Tsichlas says the vision is still very much alive as long as there is still a World Cup spot to play for.

"No! Not at all, what makes you say that? Let's concentrate because many countries like us have failed many times," Tsichlas tells KickOff.com.

"So we must number one know where we came from. We must also know what's been happening in the past few years. But we must also know what we have ahead. We have a World Cup qualification, and this is very important.

"If we must still blame each other then we must blame the players, maybe the players are not patriotic. That's my opinion. Can you stop me from thinking like this? No, because I remember players that have been so patriotic in the past.

"I see today when they have too much money some of the players they are not the same. And you get some players, they are so patriotic they want to die for the country.

"The real issue here is we didn't qualify, but we learn from our mistakes and we must carry on. The number one thing that we have to do is to be patriotic. Did the PSL coaches come to support, did they talk to the players? Maybe some did.

"Today some players are millionaires, they get more than what their coaches get. Where is their heart? Did they play for their country or did they worry about their pocket? Because it's not only the coach, it's also the players.

"We must also give credit to SAFA for all their good work... and I'm not saying that because I'm NEC. Tell me which player played to his best except [Percy] Tau?"

Tsichlas was asked if she thought SAFA was doing enough to lure overseas-based players like Leicester City's Khanya Leshabela and Southampton's Kgaogelo Chauke.

"Yes we do," she replies. "But it's up to the coach to invite them hey. Because if you don't allow the coach to do what he thinks, it's right he's going to say, 'Oh they interfere.'

"But I'm saying let's not panic, let's say to our players when you play you must think about your country."