Broos: Bafana deserve replay against Ghana

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National team coach Hugo Broos has claimed that Bafana Bafana deserve a replay against Ghana following last weekend's controversial 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

The South African Football Association officially lodged a complaint to FIFA against Maguette N'Diaye after the Senegalese referee was deemed by the Association to have shown bias towards Ghana in the crucial qualifying encounter.

The Black Stars won the match and progressed to the next round of qualifiers courtesy of a goal from a controversial penalty, which was one of a string of decisions by the officials which have been called into question by SAFA.

These allegations, which form part of the official protest to FIFA, were raised by SAFA at a press conference on Wednesday, during which Broos provided a first-hand account of his and his players' experience at the Cape Coast Stadium. 

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"In the game against Ghana, and you can be sure of it, the determination of the team was there, we wanted to achieve a good result," the Belgian tactician said.

"We knew that it would be difficult and that we should play a good game to qualify for the next round. I saw that on the players in their behaviour, there was concentration, everything was there to play a good game.

"...And then the game started, and after 15 minutes I went to the bench and I said to my two assistants, 'Forget it. Forget it. Ghana will win this game.'

"I realise that there are games where you think the ref is against you because you are emotional or nervous, and after the game, you have to be honest with yourself...But after this game, I was more convinced that he had been against us, that we couldn't win that game, and that was very frustrating.

"I saw players cry after the game, I saw frustration, I saw anger, I saw everything. I thought it was the right emotional response that we had to have after that game.

"So, I hope, I really hope that the complaint will be received and that we can at least replay that game because we deserve that."

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