Dikwena name change and move confirmed

Transfer News

"Yes, it's not hearsay, the team is relocating to Cape Town, it's true. And they have changed the name to Cape Umoya United. It's no longer Platinum Stars.

"So all the things that you've heard, it's true, it's not hearsay," says Mochadibane.

Mochadibane says the club are still in the process of deciding which players and staff members will be retained following their relegation to the National First Division.

"That process is still on, I don't think all of the staff ... because you must remember you don't need the whole backoom staff in the NFD like you do in the PSL set-up. So there'll be changes obviously with regards to that. But that process is still on.

"Look, I think there will be negotiations with the players, there will be those who will travel with the team. And you must remember there are players who already had pre-contracts with other teams, so they wouldn't be travelling to Cape Town with the team.

"So there will be changes in terms of the team as well."

Rumours that Stars were going to move and be rebranded came after the club was sold to a consortium in January that includes coach Roger de Sa as a stakeholder.