City coach explains his philosophy

The Slovakian was unveiled as City's mentor earlier this week, replacing Bernard Molekwa who will now work as his assistant.

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The former FC Cape Town coach has signed a four-year contract with the club and during this period he wants to help build a proper structure that will see Rise and Shine developing talent for the future.

“I have a long-term contract with the club. We understand it like a good project to progress this club, to develop this club and to build a nice structure that we can profit from this structure in the future, and to develop good players for African football.

“I want this team and every player to play on their potential. I am sure if we achieve that we will have good results.

“I did my licence in Germany. You know Germans are very specific, based on discipline, responsibility, on organisation, on conception, on system. My philosophy is to play balanced football. It means we must play nice for the fans, because even here in Polokwane we have very good fans. So it’s important to offer them good soccer, but I want to play balanced soccer in defence and offence because we want to achieve good results.”