Mangaung Mayor meeting with Celtic

Celtic boss Max Tshabalala is reportedly considering selling the team, with Phunya Sele Sele earlier today refuting a claim that the side has been sold to an anonymous Kimberley-based businessman.

The proposed sale and possible relocation of Siwelele has caused concern in the Free State.

Spokesperson for the City of Manguang Qondile Khedam confirmed a sitdown has been scheduled involving Mlamleli and affected parties.

"Yes, the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. The Mayor will also be there," Khedama tells

"We are trying to look at ways of trying not to allow Bloemfontein Celtic to move away from the City of Manguang.

"We will be meeting with the business people of Free State to share ideas and find a means to keep the club in the province."

Meanwhile, former Celtic players Kleinbooi Taaibos and Lebohang Mothibantwa have expressed their alarm at the possibility of the club relocating.

"This is very sad. Celtic is the soul of the people of Bloemfontein," says Taaibos.

"Imagine the emptiness and the void that will be left if the club moves away from Bloemfontein?

"Celtic is connected to the people of Bloemfontein and the people of Bloemfontein are connected with Celtic.

"I can't imagine life in Bloemfontein without Celtic."

Mothibantwa adds: "I am shocked. It's very sad. Celtic has been the culture of Bloemfontein.

"Whenever people think of travelling to Bloemfontein, the name of Siwelele pops up.

"For the supporters, if you take Celtic away from them it is like someone stealing your child. The supporters love this team. They paint their kitchens with green and white. Celtic is the rose of the Bloemfontein people."