Eymael reveals striker shortcomings

The 25-year-old had been training with the Bethlehem-based side with the aim of landing himself a deal. But after assessing Lenguoalama in yesterday's pre-season friendly against Maccabi FC, Eymael decided to let him go.

"The friendly we won 1-0, but we could have won maybe 4-0," Eymael tells KickOff.com.

"But for the rest, the Gabonese striker was not doing enough so he is going back to Gabon today. We played three times 45 minutes and you know I had to play 26 players so you need good cohesion, but it's okay. I'm happy about the performance of the guys, just that now we will have a meeting with Rantsi [Stars official, Mokoena] about certain players.

"The flight for the Gabonese striker is already booked so he will leave for Gabon today. I don't know what time is the plane [leaving]. I think the pace of the game is too fast for him. But I know him, he doesn't have good statistics. It's not me who brought him here ... it's okay, that's not a problem, but I know him because I coached in Gabon, so I know."