Leopards boss open to offers

Transfer News

It is common in South African football that once a NFD team reaches the topflight, coaches and players are swapped for more experienced individuals. But Thidiela says that won't be the case with his team.

"Let's not talk about the coach and who worked well, and who didn't work well," Thidiela tells KickOff.com.

"It's not a one-man show, you know in football everybody is involved. How do you fire a person who is bringing results? You can't. You can't open a shop and make right turnovers and then fire your employee.

"I'm running a business as well, you know that this is a business. If they come with the right offer and the player wants to go, we will always do like that. It's too early.

"The other thing for sure I said, I promised these guys 'you are doing it for yourself. And the people who were playing for sure you are all going to the premier league'. I cannot now say the people who promoted the team are not experienced. They wouldn't have promoted this team if they were not experienced."

Much has been said about the contentious play-offs system, but Thidiela says people only question the format when it doesn't suit them.

"Let's not go there, I don't want to talk about politics. If a thing doesn't suit me, I will say whatever I want to say. This rule of play-offs it was not brought by one person, okay? As a board of governors we discussed about it right? And the rule was passed. Then you can't go after and say this rule is not good. When it's not good you go back to the board of governors and ask why this doesn't work, and this works, you understand? Do I have a point? We all knew that if there's play-offs you can't get enough time for preparations. So I must not talk like a person who doesn't know what he is talking about."

Asked if the R1.5m monthly PSL grant will improve things at the Venda-based club, Thidiela was forthright.  

"It goes without saying, I'm going to get what Chiefs, Pirates, Sundowns get. What a question (laughs loudly). It's a hundred percent increase. This is what these players were so involved for, they want to improve their living."