Ferreira: Tlhone belongs to Wits

Reports making the rounds over the last week have suggested that the former Free State Stars left-back had signed for both Wits as well as Orlando Pirates, with a dispute between the clubs set to be resolved.

However, Ferreira has quashed such rumours and explained the details of their agreement with both the player and his former club.

"Those are reports coming from the media. I can only comment on what I know," defended Ferreira. "I know that we signed a pre-contact with him [Tlhone] on January 4 .

"Prior to signing that contract with him we notified Free State Stars when we were entering into negotiations with their player, as is required in terms of the rules.

"After signing him we wrote again to Free State Stars. We've got all that documented and we advised Free State Stars that we had signed the player, as is required by the rules, with effect from July 1. If anyone else has done that let them produce those documents."

With dates often playing an important role in contractual disputes, Ferreira refused to go into the legalities around which club would land the player in case of another club showing proof of agreement with the said player on a prior date.

Furthermore, he divulged the confirmation he received from Pirates administrative officer Floyd Mbele, who refuted the claims that they had any agreement to sign the 27-year-old fullback.

"I don't want to go into the legalities of that [scenario], all that I can tell you is I am confident that we signed him, and at the time we had signed him there was no other club that had signed him – that I can assure you of," he added.

"Really, it's not fair for me to comment on a situation that I have no knowledge about. All I know is what I've read in media reports, and I've spoken to Mr. Floyd Mbele, who has assured me that there is no such a contract signed by them with the player. I can only take it from Floyd as what he says it is."