Pirates' No.1 one fan contracts Covid

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Orlando Pirates' most prominent supporter Joy Chauke is in hospital with Covid-19 and talks to KickOff.com for an update on her health.

Chauke, who is popularly known as 'Mama Joy' in the local football fraternity, has been admitted to Baragwanath Hospital and does not know how she got the virus.

Mama Joy is not only a die-hard Bucs fan but also supports all the big South African sports events – see above! 

We gave the passionate soccer fanatic a call to find out how she is doing.

"Ya ingishayile [it got me]," Chauke tells KickOff.com from her hospital bed before trying to figure out how she contracted the disease.

"Mmm... you know it was on Thursday. I woke up feeling very healthy, no symptoms or what. I just felt dizzy. I then just collapsed. Then the children took me to clinic.

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"At the clinic they immediately said 'this needs an ambulance'. They phoned an ambulance for oxygen because I was no longer breathing. The ambulance took me to Bara. And then from there I was admitted.

"They put me on oxygen because I was no longer breathing or doing anything. I was just dizzy. Even now I'm still in Bara. I'm becoming better now because I can even breathe on my own a little bit.

"You know to tell you the truth, you won't believe the way I've been careful with everything... I can't even tell you how I got it or where... I don't want lie," she continues.

"The only thing I did was to go to work every morning at Pick 'n Pay, and from work it was home. Come Friday or if I was off on weekends I would always be indoors. I didn't go here and there. Since March I've never went home... so I can't even tell how I got it.

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"I was unfortunate, [sighing] I can say that. I will be tested again after 14 days. Even now they are constantly checking me, but the real [second] test will be after 14 days. That's when we are going to find out what's happening, progress or whatever.

"But for now I'm still in hospital. In the ward that I am currently in I'm alone, no one is allowed, it's only nurses and doctors that come in. Even my family members are not allowed where I am. But I'm recovering. I have already started step one of recovering."

Mama Joy awarns other football fans to take this virus seriously and keep following all safety precautions as far as possible.

"What I can tell the supporters and every football follower is, Covid-19 does exist and it kills. And it doesn't care if you are Mama Joy or whoever. Covid-19 does exist," she warns.

"As for the supporters, they must look at me and see that this thing is really happening. This should be a wake-up call for all the supporters for them to see that if Mama Joy can be infected, it means it exists, and it's here.

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"They must not only think it catches people who are far... I'm here next to them, I speak to them. What they should do is just to follow what the President is saying. Stay away from the shopping centres or wherever there's lots of people. You won't know because when you are shopping you can't distance sometimes you know. It's not easy.

"So if you can stay at home I don't think it will come after you. Sanitise, every time wash your hands you know. They must take this as a big lesson because they can see it in me.

"Corona does exist, it has infected me. And I'm getting scared every minute when I see through my window dead bodies passing. So people should just comply... let's say the supporters are very lucky because they can see an example with me... I will fight."

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