PSL vague on potential salary cuts

PSL Lockdown News

With widespread salary cuts at the world's biggest football clubs taking place, the PSL has addressed the issue while sending an urgent message to supporters.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced so many changes globally with most football leagues being postponed and some teams already having to cut players' salaries.

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In Europe there are continuing discussions about players' salaries with Barcelona players recently agreeing to take pay-cuts to assist with the economic situation in Spain, while in England there has been a 25 percent proposal put forward.

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SAFPU recently confirmed to this website that Royal Eagles is the only club they know about allegedly not paying their players, although their problems were around before the coronavirus came to town.

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With South Africa deemed one of the best-run leagues in the world, there have been many questions concerning whether the PSL will follow the same route of wage cuts.

According to acting CEO Mato Madlala, the League has not entertained that kind of discussion yet.

"I don't know, I really can't comment on that one about salary cuts. For now as the Premier Soccer League we haven't come to that stage," Madlala tells

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Madlala urges all South Africans to keep obeying the rules of staying at home to help fight against COVID-19 so that the 21-day lockdown is a success as the government works tirelessly to ensure the outbreak does not spread all over the country.

"We just urge supporters to obey to the rules by the government. If we can do that, maybe life can go back to normal as soon as possible," Madlala concludes.

The PSL is suspended until at least April 16, when a decision is likely to be made on whether football can resume based on the government's assessment of the results of South Africa's lockdown.

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