Ndoro's estimated R100k salary reduced

PSL Lockdown News

Highlands Park have confirmed that Tendai Ndoro's estimated R100 000 per month salary has been cut, and that only a few players are taking home less pay.

News emerged recently that some players at Highlands have seen their salaries slashed by 20 percent to help keep the club running while there is no income from football.

Co-director Sinky Mnisi reportedly said on SAFM that the Zimbabwean striker is being paid R20 000 less than usual as part of their lockdown-forced budget cuts.

Ndoro was once a regular scorer in the PSL but does not make the Top 10 most valuable list anymore. See who those strikers are below...

Highlands Park's other co-director Brad Kaftel has now confirmed that they are taking 20 percent from Ndoro's salary and revealed more details about why the club had to take these measures.

"I don't have that information at the tip of my tongue [about how much was taken out of Ndoro's salary] but the reality is that 90 percent of our players were paid in full," Kaftel tells KickOff.com.

"That's because we've only got so much money to spend. It was based on the contribution to the team over the season.

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"So if you had a player like Luckyboy Mokoena who's played every game for you, Mothobi Mvala... if you were the owner of the club, would you pay them 100 percent?

"And then if you've got a player who played two games for you the whole season, what would you pay him?

"The 26 who played, the likes of Marlon Heugh, Thela Ngobeni, Mothobi, Luckyboy, Bevan Fransman, Yeye, Mzava, Ramoraka, Williams, Siphiwe Mahlangu... all these players got paid.

"We are relying on the [R2-million] PSL grant and unfortunately that does mean some good players won't get paid 100 percent. I mean we've paid most of our players 100 percent. But any player who hasn't received 100 percent it's because they hadn't really participated in much of the season.

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"We've played 24 games and if you've got a player who's played four games for you, well you're probably not going to pay him 100 percent. But if you've got a player who's played all 24 games then you will pay him 100 percent.

"We've got 30 players and at least 26 players were paid 100 percent. So if there were any players that weren't paid 100 percent, it's because they've hardly been involved in playing."

Club sponsors Jonsson Workwear and Hatfield VW have been granted a payment holiday as they are currently not getting value for money. A payment holiday is when you are allowed to take a break from paying a contract for a specific period.

"Ja, we had to give our sponsors a payment holiday because obviously there's no exposure," Kaftel reveals.

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"So at the moment we are not getting any sponsorship from sponsorship money, that is correct. Because there is no TV exposure at present, so we not getting any sponsorship money as we speak.

"Understand, I mean both Jonsonns and Hatfield VW were fully closed for April. Jonsson I believe they re-opened in May but Hatfield [where Kaftel is one of the co-owners] we've only re-opened servicing... we are still waiting for government to give us the regulations for sale. So we haven't opened fully.

"Look, when the business is not open there is no money being produced that can be invested into football. So for now there's been a payment holiday agreed between the sponsors and Highlands Park.

"Hopefully we'll get our economy back and we can get back to our best situation in time."