Ekstein's fitness tips for stars on lockdown

PSL Lockdown News

Hendrik 'Pule' Ekstein has revealed how he is staying fit during the forced coronavirus football break and has given his old PSL mates some tips.

Ekstein, who is currently playing for Azerbaijan Premier League side Sabail FK, bought himself gym equipment so that he can maintain his physical condition even while practising social distancing.

The former Kaizer Chiefs star gives fellow footballers who don't have gym equipment at home tips on how to stay fit during the lockdown.

"I train at home these days because I can't go outside and play football," Ekstein tells KickOff.com.

"So I bought gym equipment so I can exercise here in my place. What I can advise a player who is unable to buy that equipment is to at least do something at home like taking a mat and doing stomach exercises.

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"If you can't buy whatever you need to buy due to finances, then you have to use whatever you are able to use for you to stay fit. Inside your house there are chairs, you can do sit-ups, do push-ups. Obviously you won't be fit the way you used to be when you were on the pitch or at the gym.

"Over here we can't call it a lockdown per se because we are able to go out. It's not like the way it is in South Africa but they still emphasise the importance of staying at home. So even us, we need to be always at home, and that's why even at the club we were given programmes.

"But this thing of soldiers and not being able to go out, no, here it's not like that."

The former Amakhosi crowd favourite says he is settling well at his new club.

"Ja for me everything is going well and I'm very happy to be back here. I will be able to play football again, because what I wanted was to play football."