Zeca slams Swallows' 'lack of knowledge'


Zeca Marques will not hold any grudges against Swallows FC management and the supporters, as he understands their lack of knowledge when it comes to building a team.
Marques was shown the door at the Dube Birds last month. But the 54-year-old tactician believes the expectations were too high for a club that was only put together few days before the kick-off of the 2019/20 GladAfrica Championship season.
Asked if there was no bad blood  between him and the club, 'Lollipop' said, "No, no, no! You know how can I have bad blood when people don't understand the dynamics of football?" He tells KickOff.com.
"When people don't understand that when you building a team it takes time. I can't have bad blood with people who don't understand. When people don't understand I can't have much expectations you know. Unfortunately people think in being a coach things happen overnight, yes in one or two occasions it does work, but not always. We were creating a new culture, we were building from scratch we were laying foundation, the important thing was getting stability. So if people don't understand that process how can I have bad blood? If they don't understand... what must I do?, Who exactly doesn't understand?
"Management, supporters...it's a package you know." Marques replied, "The supporters think just being a coach things happen, you wave a magic wand and it's done. It doesn't work that way though. If football was that simple everyone would win. Why is Sundowns being so successful is because they've had stability they've had the same team for three years, they know where they going, the coach hasn't changed for four years. This is the reason why they've been successful, it's not a coincidence that Sundowns are successful. So we were starting to prepare that recipe of being successful in the future. So if people don't understand that, how can I even get upset when I'm in the environment where people don't understand? So there's no point getting upset because people don't understand the process."
"Well you know we never got the results...we were rebuilding a team, a team that we inherited. A team that last year was fighting relegation. With all the good intentions of the players but you know it is what it is, they were fighting relegation they made it by a point or something. We inherited a team just two weeks before the season started, and obviously people had high expectations once Swallows bought the team. It was all talk about winning the League and in certain departments we just weren't good enough, and goalkeeping were definitely the biggest one, we tried to sign (Sherwin) Naicker, we didn't have the budget for him so we went with what we had.
"In two games we lost six points because of goalkeeping mistakes and that basically the bottom line if the goalkeeper hadn't made the mistake we would have drawn at least one, and maybe who knows even won the other one. The club I think they didn't wanna be patient because we had to rebuild the team. We were in the process of signing seven players, which I signed myself. We were also in the process of signing (Virgil) Vries which was done while I was there, but now (it is claimed) he was sign after I left. We were in the process of signing three other players to bolster the squad. When we lost in Cape Town 2-1 and people started panicking. I know we would have turned this thing around, I have done before with Leopards, there is a long time to go, long season ahead, lots of points to play for.
"But I think management was under pressure from the supporters that we had to win all the time. People forget that Swallows has been out of this League for three years, we rebuilding the club, we rebuilding the team and we were in a process. Some teams have been in the League for many, many years and they still haven't won the League. Swallows come into the League now they want to win League now. I understand they happy to come Eight. You know things have changed since I left. Realistically now they are happy to come in to the top Eight. Ja so I think it was better that I departed, it's so much better, I feel free and it's fine."