Worst Foreign Striker – Antonio ‘Keto’ Correia (No. 13)

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13 - Antonio ‘Keto’ Correia (Ajax Cape Town)

This is one deal that just didn’t work out at all for Ajax. The Angolan forward was recommended by Dutch coach Foppe de Haan, who had known him from their time at SC Heerenveen, so it was expected that he will prove a useful acquisition.

That was not the case …

A single substitute appearance was all Correia contributed at Ajax, spending most, if not all, his time either injured or emotionally stressed before his contract was terminated at the end of the 2011/12 season.

He was never in the right mental state, with reports saying he was drained from the war back home that was affecting his family and always looked out of place in the Mother City.

The fact that he played in Holland is an indication that he wasn’t necessarily a bad player, but his time in South Africa just didn’t work out.

It would be difficult to find another player with a worse record than just a couple of minutes of game-time he managed.

Correia has not been heard of again in football circles since leaving Ajax.

Not even the flag waving die-hard fans who usually brave cold nights in the Mother City to support their favourite team will remember this guy.