Latest on Swallows' name change


Swallows FC CEO Sipho Xulu has explained the latest on their efforts to change the club's name to Moroka Swallows.

Swallows are currently unable to use their original name due to the sanction handed down by FIFA relating to outstanding payments owed to Brazilian midfielder Igor Alves, who turned out for the Birds from 2008 to 2011.

There has been delays in settling the matter as the new-school Dube Birds can't deal directly with Alves or FIFA, but have to go through the SA Football Association.

"We are still waiting for documents, they should be here but we are still busy with that issue," Xulu tells

"There are some debts under the Moroka Swallows name that still need to be settled. Remember there was a player [Alves], who took the club to FIFA  and the club was punished.

"It ended up being relegated – first from the PSL and then the NFD, due to points deduction. When we got relegated, FIFA had already instructed SAFA to take points from us. 

"So until that player is paid, SAFA have said no [to name change]. So, that is why we are using the Swallows FC name, while still sorting out the issue of Moroka Swallows. 

"Once everything is cleared then that's where we will be able to go back to that name. There are negotiations that the chairman [David Mogashoa] is busy with as we speak, to try and see what can be done. We are negotiating with FIFA through SAFA."

Xulu further adds that the calculation of debt is the stumbling block as negotiations need to take place before establishing how much needs to be made available to settle the outstanding fees.

"In such negotiations, it's very difficult to do an estimation, as it depends on whether an agreement is reached. So, the person who is in charge of all this is the chairman," he stresses.

Xulu says even though they are now known as Swallows FC, the name Moroka Swallows still belongs to them and they will take legal action to anyone who might attempt to steal it.

"The Moroka Swallows name is protected. It belongs to the same ownership of Swallows FC. Otherwise, that would be very dangerous using a name that's not even belonging to you. So, the name is protected and belongs to the same management that is running Swallows FC now."

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