Mngomeni: I could be coaching Chiefs


Orlando Pirates legend Thabo Mngomeni has revealed how he regrets a bad decision made 18 years ago that finished his football career prematurely.

After being released by Pirates in 2002, the Cape Town-born star decided to go back home, where he joined local outfit Hellenic.

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The 51-year-old has opened up about how he regrets this decision up to this day.

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"When I joined Hellenic that's when my career ended," Mngomeni tells

"My contract was terminated after they discovered I was injured. I got injured during a game. It was an ankle [injury] – I had a fracture in my ankle.

"To make it worse, in the last six games they knew I was injured. And they used to let me train maybe once or twice a week so I could play with my injury.

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"And at the time, me not knowing I've got a fracture, I forced them to take me to a scan, and that’s where it showed all along I had a fracture and the season ended.

"When I reported for the following season, I was told my contract had been terminated. I asked who it was terminated with, as I was suppose to be present when it was terminated.

"The answer was 'Hey man, your contract has been terminated, that's all.' Just like that, my career was finished."

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Mngomeni feels a move elsewhere may have prolonged his playing career, while he also believes Gauteng remains a hub opportunity and, in spite of the difficulties, he is committed to giving back in his home town.

"I should have gone somewhere else. Even now, if I went straight to Jozi [Johannesburg] after playing, I'm sure I would be an assistant coach in the national team, or I would be a coach maybe at [Kaizer] Chiefs or at any other team," he continues.

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"I would be something in football, judging by the way people talking about me saying I have knowledge of football. My problem is though, I learned my football here in Cape Town and I know our difficulties here in Cape Town, so I want to plough it back here.

"But I'm not getting any help here to assist my boys here eKasi [townships]. The only people who are using my expertise are the ones who are not from my Kasi – the whites and coloureds, and that pains me."

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