Mngomeni points finger at club bosses


Orlando Pirates legend Thabo Mngomeni says the influx of foreign coaches is to blame for teams not playing typical South African football anymore.

Today, not many players can successfully start a fan club as most of them play similar style of football and no longer star in their team.

The former Bafana Bafana midfielder feels there is nothing wrong showboating and says today's footballers are being confused.

"For me the club bosses are the reason for all of this," Mngomeni tells

"All this started when they stopped believing in local players and coaches and as a result it decreased the passion in our youngsters. Because for me to be picked for a starting line-up I must do what I'm told. Only coaches from Japan, Germany, Congo are trusted these days but it's the local ones who are doing well both domestic and international.

"Sometimes our football is labelled as showboating and that is our tactical plan, there is nothing wrong with that. And another thing is only former players from Jozi (Johannesburg) are being used in our football. I think if you didn't play in '96 you are in trouble. If you are not under certain agents, you are also in trouble.

"I think that's where our problem starts. To me the current generation of players do have talent, they are just being confused. When was the last time you saw a player doing a Tsamaya on the field of play or a defender performing a bicycle kick or overhead kick? The thing is if you don't have the coaching papers from England, you are nothing here at home.

"We are not in England but to coach here at home you need a paper from England. Today people are still making noise about the '96 Bafana squad. Who was coaching the team in 1996? It was a South African."

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