Moloi: PSL chairmen prefer 'yes men'


Orlando Pirates' former assistant coach Teboho Moloi has shared what he believes is the reason PSL clubs have been opting to replace their head coaches with local assistants.

In what seems like a trend nowadays, several local clubs have promoted their assistant coaches after parting ways with their teams' head coaches including even a club as big as Mamelodi Sundowns.

See the current PSL head coaches who used to be assistants in the gallery above

Asked if this meant PSL club chairmen are finally realising that assistant coaches deserve to be given a chance, Moloi, who was recently appointed head coach of Lesotho side Linare FC, is not convinced.

"As for me I don't see like that, hence some of us have left for the likes of Lesotho," Moloi tells

"I think they want people that will listen to them. Ya even the overseas coaches are listening to them. It's not like overseas coaches don't listen to the bosses. Our bosses don't want people who don't listen to them.

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"People like myself and Benni, we don't like to be ordered around, we want to do our thing. That is why it is difficult for us to get these jobs. They want people who listen to them. So if you don't want to listen to them, they won't give you a job.

"Ya it's not like they are turning to people who are assistant coaches. It's just that they want people who will listen to them. Even in those from Europe, they still choose those who listen. If you talk your mind or do your thing... ya, it's a problem.

"So me I don't view it as turning to assistants, they are turning to people who will listen to them. All that I can say is that it's just sad. If you were once in their wrong books then forget, you won't work again."

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Moloi makes it clear that by that he doesn't mean coaches are being forced to work with players they didn't recommend.

"No, players have got nothing to do with the coach, a coach must be able to coach any player," he adds.

"I believe being a coach is like being a class teacher. You can't choose students. You are equipped to be able to teach, so you must teach them. Do you want to teach a classroom full of brilliant students only? No, you must teach. You said you want to be a teacher so you must be able to teach.

"Whether the management is the one who bought you players or not... they are players. Coach them and give them the necessary tools to compete."

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