Teammate Rivalry: Seale vs Maphike


Kaizer Chiefs legend Rudolf Seale says former fellow left-back Ntsie 'Teargas' Maphike is one teammate that gave him a tough time on the field during their playing days at the club.

Up to this day very few people know who exactly was the first-choice left-back for Amakhosi in the 1990s as the two players enjoyed equal popularity amongst the club's faithful.

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Seale says at some stage the rivalry between the two of them was so serious that he was forced to play with an injury as he could not allow Maphike to take his position.

"Aargh, for starters my brother even now I'm still in good space with Ntsie," Seale tells

"I was the one who seen more game time than him you see. So that is for people to tell [who was the first-choice]. I mean we got so many Kaizer Chiefs supporters, Orlando Pirates supporters that used to watch Kaizer Chiefs left-backs. They should know who saw the most game time you know. But there was never a problem between me and Ntsie.

"The problem was we're fighting for the same position. But to say we don't see eye to eye, we don't share a seat in a bus, no no no no! In some games where we were about to go into extra time you would find the very same Ntsie shaking my legs. For the good of the club we didn't allow injuries to put us on the bench. I remember Ntsie having a flu, and after the pre-match meal I saw him taking some syrup medicines because he was starting the game.

"I think he knew if he let go of his position he is going to sit out for a long time you see. Remember there was a time whereby I played with a chipped bone in my elbow. In most games I played with a bandage wrapped around my elbow. It was a horrible injury but I managed. Do you know the late Dr Phil Maepa he used to inject me so my arm could be numb you see. Because I knew that once I sit out, my position is gone. And it's going to influence the chances of the squad you know. But as for friendship, no no no, we never had a problem hey."

Seale says he never attempted to kick Maphike at training to prevent him from being selected for the starting line-up.

"[Laughs] No no no, if he happens to kick me it's fine. If I happen to kick him it's okay. Ntsie is very, very matured. If he sees you doing well he will give you praise as well. Ntsie was there I think from '86 or '87, but remember he was converted from a left-wing to a left-back by Ted [Dumitru].

"I think that had an impact in him not showing the best of himself you see. Remember I played with Ntsie in the reserve league under the late Tikkie Khoza. Ntsie was playing left wing and he used to bring like lots and lots of crosses, but now when I got to the first team... I think Ntsie lacked aggression.

"He was the kind of player who brings in crosses you see. If you remember in the old days,ays you were a good defender when you knew how to kick an opponent. I'm talking about the likes of 'Eewie' Kambule, Bernard Lushozi, every good defender was known to be a hard tackler and all that you understand. So Ntsie he lacked that. So when this thing of overlapping was introduced, that's where Ntsie came in. So he was clued up in the final third of ours. Like I said, he lacked aggression."