Teammates Rivalry: Andries Sebola


Andries Sebola enjoyed his time at Orlando Pirates, but sharing a position with the likes of Jerry Sikhosana and Marks Maponyane meant he could only start on the bench.

Labelled the 'Super Sub' because of his ability to come off the bench and score goals for the Buccaneers, Sebola has revealed what led to coaches preferring the two legends over him.

"I remember it was 1996 when I arrived at Pirates," Sebola tells

"When I got there I found the likes of Marks Maponyane, Marc Batchelor, Bruce Ramokgadi... Marks was the obstacle because he was doing everything, tackling, harassing the defenders... and him and Jerry they were two players that I could see that I had to fight with them for a position you understand.

"But it was a good competition because we never became jealous of each other, we were just helping each other. But ja, with Marks and Jerry it was tough. I think because of my physical appearance coaches thought 'no this one defender will easily push him off the ball' but I didn't experience anything of that sort.

"I knew that if I played against big and tall defenders it became easy for me because I would move away from them in advance so that I can receive and turn and face them. So, it's the coaches who had the mentality that a striker needed to be strongly built. It was a healthy competition. We used to help each other."

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