PSL coach: People want me to fail


Swallows FC head coach Zeca Marques has explained why he feels there are people who want to see him fail at the club.

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The Dube Birds recently bought the status of Maccabi FC but they are not having a good start as they are without a win in the three games played so far. 

Currently sitting at the bottom of the standings, Swallows only have a point.

Marques believes the lack of quality players is what contributes to the club's poor showing.

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"Swallows inherited the team two - weeks before the season started. At that stage the team had already signed the players that were gonna play under Maccabi. Out of that 20 players were signed and it was gonna be at that stage a Maccabi team until Swallows took over.

Out of that team that was fighting relegation last season I think 80% of that squad left. Whoever stayed behind was signed. The pressure of playing for Swallows is huge. The demands of playing for Swallows is huge, bear in mind that two years before 80% of the squad was playing ABC Motsepe, all of a sudden they are playing for Swallows. So obviously now we have to rebuild this team. We've identified eight new trialists that we could sign. That's what we doing now as we speak. So at this stage people are judging me on a team that I inherited which is very, very unfair. And I'm not gonna accept that. So we have to fix it, bring in the right players that I want, not what people want to give us. I mean in our training now we got 10 trialists, 20 trialists, everyone is bringing us players.

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“Some guys played in the ABC Motsepe, some played in the Castle League, some played in the you really think those players are going to help Swallows get to the stage that they want to? We need to be realistic here. So that's why I'm frustrated.”

Asked if he felt there were people who are after his head, he replied,

"No there are people that are hoping that I fail. There are people waiting for me to fail. Fortunately management and I we working hand in hand. We came into this league in two weeks, what did people expect? Other teams have been there for years and they still can't get it right. That's why I think this interview is important because people need to understand where we going.”