Mnyamane progress pleases Baxter

Mnyamane has responded with efficiency of late with three goals in as many games including the winner that took SuperSport to their second Telkom Knockout final since the telecommunications giant came on board as sponsors of the league cup a decade ago.

“He wasn’t a sudden impulsive buy,” responds Baxter to questions about Mnyamane being brought into the club only two weeks before the close of the transfer window.

“It is not not like your wife goes out looking for a coat but then she buys six pairs of shoes, it wasn’t one of them. What it was, was that we knew about him. Paul Matthews has been in talks so he told me about him and I kept an eye on him and I quite liked him but we didn’t really think we needed a wide player.

"But then we looked at him and said he can play wide but then he can play 10. So we said let us take him in anyway and so when he became available we took him. We thought that from the start he has got potential."

Yet just how has been able to then get Mnyamane going the way he has done?

Goals against Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates have raised his profile with his jersey number 23 now always being planned around by opponents.

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“I said to him last week you obviously have the talent but now you are a pro and I believe that has been his improvement. He came flashing in and out doing nice things and whipping in the nice crosses but then drifting out of the game and maybe not doing as much defending as he should. He has got a more steely attitude and more professionalism now in what he does," details Baxter.

"He holds the ball and he has not lost the talent and that is what I like but he is going to do better. I want him to be more tactically astute so that if someone is marking him closely I will teach him how to lose that player causing him a different problem by playing on the line and off the line.

“I will teach him that and hopefully he can keep the ability he has to express himself because he does want to express himself. As a coach you say to players I want you to do that and I want you to do this and sometimes you lose that spontaneous play, you only do what the coach wants you to do. But Thabo has this nice quality that he takes information and processes it but at the same time you don’t suddenly do well at that and that is probably the quality that I see in him which will help him in the future."