Komphela waxes lyrical about Chiefs progress

Amakhosi have set themselves in a ‘good space’ haven with four wins on the trot which have them within arm's length of joint-leaders Bidvest Wits and Cape Town City.

That winning streak has brought peace to Komphela as he continues with the laborious task of negotiating his way towards the league title this season.

“It gives confidence because victories will always bring confidence,” he responds to being asked about how this spell is rubbing off on the squad.

“But there is a challenge as well with victory in that you are going to be familiar and complacent. You don’t want that, you have to always keep reminding them that it only comes to an end after 13 matches from now. There is still a lot to play for, so focus on your job,” he warns.

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Having been dragged through the mud and targeted by the club’s fans Komphela also points out how the process of putting together a successful team works.

“It is okay that at least it is sending a message that we said sometime back that in any team situation, you will form the team, find a storming phase, norming phase and a performing phase. So which phase are we on? Are we on the forming phase? We have gone past that. Are we on the storming phase? I think we have gone past the storm and are you in the norming phase, I think we were normal to an extent. Are we in the performing phase? We pray that we are there. Then after performing phase then you go to the last stage of any team process, that teams comes to an end. It dies and that is when you go next door to pull keys to say let us start a new cycle.

“We went through those cycles and I hope you people [media] are better positioned to assist us in terms of maybe bring it forward rather educate because if you say educate people say what are you talking about, am I not educated enough. So I am trying to say bring people on board and this scenario does not apply to Kaizer Chiefs only but all coaches and all clubs,” he says before then emphasising his point.

“When you form a club, it will be the forming phase. After the forming phase there is going to be a storm… there is conflict in terms of those coming in, the ones resisting this acceptance of your ideology as a coach and then yourself as a coach finding yourself. After the storm then it becomes normal and after the norming phase then you perform and after performance that teams comes to an end because we don’t live forever. We are going to die one day. At the back of that death you have gone full cycle and you start another generation. The minute we can teach our people that or remind them it will be easier. Go to all teams, even the best teams in the world they do suffer, you come to an end of your era and a new star must be born.

“But are we making our people aware that, listen, it is stages and phases of any team development. The minute you do that, even when they come they know what phase are we at. Even you as a coach you find comfort to say ‘okay, I think I am at the end of this stage and I am starting a new one’ and you accept that and it is easier to operate,” he lectures.

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