Stellies ace explains PSL difficulties


Stellenbosch FC striker Iqraam Rayners has revealed why it's been difficult for him to find his feet in the Premier Soccer League.

The 23-year-old forward scored 19 goals to walk away with the National First Division golden boot award last season but has not created or scored yet in two Absa Premiership matches.

"Ja for me it's like a bit difficult finding my feet in the PSL," Rayners admits to

"But I hope soon I'm getting there, maybe after five games, maybe before that. But I'm ready for the challenge in the PSL. Because it's not like in the NFD where the defenders like to come up high to the halfway line, most of the PSL defenders are defending deep. That's what makes stuff difficult for us, for me."

Despite adjusting slowly to the big league, the talented striker says he's been enjoying playing with the best players like Morgan Gould.

"For me Morgan Gould is a cool guy with experience and Marc [Van Heerden] also. So they all help the younger guys, telling them what to do on the field.

"The coach has also been telling me I must work hard and that we're going to get there as a team. It's our first season in the PSL, we need to find our feet and all that stuff.

"Maybe to score more goals for the team like last season and I would really like to finish in the top eight with Stellenbosch FC. Maybe 12 goals, everything is possible. I think I must be more in the box, I must not go like wide to collect the ball. I must just stay in the box because I know my ability, I can change.

"I just want to say thanks to all the supporters at the stadium, and I know the team is going forward and the players are going make them happy."