Menzo hints at Coetzee, Lebusa exits

Coetzee is into the final three-months of a deal he signed in December 2014 and has reportedly been recommended to a number of teams in Europe whilst a move to one of the big teams locally could also be on the cards.

Whilst Lebusa last year committed himself to the Urban Warriors until 2019 he could easily fit in at one of the big three – Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns – given his attributes and versatility.

Speaking exclusively to, Menzo said he feels Rivaldo still needs to develop better "leadership" qualities, while admitting Lebusa could do with more competition.

"Sometimes a player performs better with a certain player next to him," the Dutchman said. "But I think he [Coetzee] needs to improve in order to make the same step as Mosa [Lebusa], on being a leader.

"[Coetzee needs to learn to] organise the team, command more and be in charge of his defense. Maybe he needs someone next to him who will help him in that direction.

"Is it here or it is somewhere else? I do not know, it depends on him. What does he want to do to make the next step? He can make it here by being a leader, by organizing and by being the boss of the defense but he might do that elsewhere with someone else next to him.

Menzo draws similarities to a situation he witnessed during his days at Ajax Amsterdam, while playing in goals behind Ronald Koeman, who went on to become a national legend.

"When I played, for example, I had Roland Koeman [in my team]," he explained. "He became a better central defender because he played with someone next to him who was complimenting him well and he could improve.

"[Koeman] could do a lot of things and he got stronger and became a much better central defender. He went on to play for Barcelona. Sometimes those things help a player and it depends on how quickly you make that step."

The 53-year-old, who previously worked at Dutch second division side Amsterdamsche before moving to South Africa, also feels Lebusa needs a higher level of competition, possibly at another club, in order to reach new heights in his career.

"Same with Mosa, we are pushing him to make that next step but it is up to him and maybe he needs something from somebody in the field to help him do that," he added.

"When I look at his qualities, in South Africa, as far as I've seen, [Lebusa] is one of the better left-backs. But again, something can take you above your level, a higher level can also make you a good player or you remain a normal player.

"Whether you make the next step that will be dependant on how you are challenged more, asked for more, because you are playing at a higher level. So you have to play here at a higher level to breach the gap from where you are to reach the top.

"That is the challenge, how do I arrive at the top? Struggling or I arrived there already matured? That's a big question."