Chiefs leaning on Itu and Shabba

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The duo have continued to show their value to the Amakhosi by way of their contributions, in terms of clean sheets and crucial saves from Khune and goals and assists from Tshabalala, while the younger players leave a lot to be desired.

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Former Chiefs midfielder Siyabonga Nkosi agrees that the reliance on the seniors is evident but says it is not yet a problem, as both men still have plenty to give, while adding that players of similar quality also need to step up and share the load.

“I don’t think Chiefs need any replacements for them right now, but rather reinforcements that will allow them to actually share the load,” Nkosi tells

“[It would help] not to have the load on just a few of them [senior guys] but the entire team needs to actually be on the same level as them.

“They’ve still got a couple of seasons to give to the team. ‘Shabba’ might have about three or four seasons [left], while Khune may have more.

“Obviously they need young quality players coming up, but at this particular moment there’s a need for players to complement them and be at the same level.

“It is worrying that there’s that reliance on them, especially for a big team like Kaizer Chiefs. And obviously they will remain main contributors but you want the team to have quality of the same level throughout all positions."

Nkosi also feels the club need to bring in youngsters of good enough quality to be thrown in immediately, rather than having to give them extensive time to settle and find their feet.

“Younger players coming up will always look up to the senior guys, especially top players like your Shabba, Khune, Parker, but the most important thing is the youngsters have to be quality,” he says.

“Because the problem is, you can recruit a young player and say, ‘we’ll give him time to grow and settle into the squad’, or whatever the case may be, but those guys – for a Kaizer Chiefs team – have to be quality.

“They have to be top quality, because I think that’s where the difference is with the current squad.”