Nkosi's strong advice for Ntshangase


Former Kaizer Chiefs jersey number 10 Siyabonga Nkosi has shared some astute advice for current holder Siphelele Ntshangase.

Ntshangase recently extended his stay at The Village for another season despite being starved for game-time under Ernst Middendorp.

Nkosi played under the German coach during his first stint with the club and has offered some tips to 'Stash' to help him succeed.

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"You know football, especially here in South Africa, as much as people don't want to admit and don't really want to grasp the fact, football is evolving," Nkosi tells KickOff.com.

"We model our game on the people who are ahead of us, and those people are obviously abroad, mainly in Europe. So even our coaches learn from that as well. They take lessons from the European institutions and European clubs to try to better their coaching conditions.

"The modern game demands certain things from you. It forced us to change a little bit as well. So the biggest challenge for Siphelele while he still has time, is to be able to do that also. To try to adapt and evolve.

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"With the quality that he has, the technical ability, the skill and the brains that he has, I believe that he can use that better and more effectively. If he can do that, I believe he'd be a player who could be prominent at Kaizer Chiefs.

"Because the game now demands a shorter route to goal. The game now demands your presence in certain areas whether it's defence or offense... you being productive in the way of scoring goals, in the way of creating of goals.

"So there's certain things that he must prioritise I think when it come to his game. Perhaps [he should] put certain targets when he gets onto the field of play to say, 'Today if I haven't created four, five chances, or three or even two, if I haven't scored in four games then I get worried.'

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"I think those are the type of targets that make you a little bit productive and more effective in a modern setup, because being pretty nowadays is a little bit of a setback."

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