SAFPU reveal details on Royal AM meeting


SAFPU president Tholaganyo Gaoshubelwe on Tuesday revealed details on a recent meeting held with DStv Premiership side Royal AM to resolve a matter of alleged outstanding player salaries.

Royal AM owner Shauwn Mkhize recently purchased the DStv Premiership status of Bloemfontein Celtic in an eyewatering deal on the eve of the 2021/2022 campaign getting underway.

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It had been previously reported that several players inherited from Celtic failed to receive their monthly salaries with accommodation also not provided.

Mkhize hit back at those allegations, while the club is in the process of streamlining its bulging squad.

SAFPU has now shed light on a meeting held with the Durban club regarding the alleged outstanding fees.

"We had a meeting with them and the players last week Thursday, and the players raised their concerns regarding the non-payment of salaries, short payment of salaries, signing-on fees that were outstanding, and issues of accommodation," Gaoshubelwe tells

"So we addressed those things, and the club raised issues of some players not having valid contracts, but we believe otherwise.

"We then agreed to a process to say look, there must be this process of verification for some reason because players were not paid.

"When players are not paid, how then do we deal with it because they were saying these players don't have contracts.

"The fact that they were not registered by themselves, didn't mean the players don't have contracts because those are two separate issues. The fact that you are not registered by a club doesn't necessarily mean you don't have a contract.

"I think there were about eleven players that they were no longer interested in. They want to settle with those players. So we have started with that particular process, to discuss within terms of settlement what they want."

Gaoshubelwe added that the union is hoping to reach an agreement that will see all players paid what they are owed.

"The agreement is that since last week Friday, we were collecting all necessary information, that will enable us to conclude on the arrangements that will lead to the payments," Gaoshubelwe added.

"So on Thursday, we have our last meeting where we will be comparing notes with them. So Royal AM was represented by their president Shauwn Mkhize in that meeting, and we are hoping that we will get to the bottom of this.

"Those players that were short paid will receive their monies and finalise and make sure that those that are owed still the August salary receive their money.

"One of the things that we do not agree with is that they must withhold those salaries. The only results that will make us happy, are the results that will ensure that the players are happy themselves."

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