PSL teams taking testing shortcuts?


Allegations have surfaced that PSL sides could be taking shortcuts in the required return-to-play protocol regarding Covid-19 testing.

The 32 clubs under the PSL umbrella have been doing testing for the last two weeks as they work against time to complete the current football season.

Several teams returned to training this week after proving their compliance towards SAFA's saftey protocols that need to be followed.

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However, the South African Football Players' Union (SAFPU) has revealed some serious alleged concerns regarding some of the teams' testing methods.

"We were reliably told there are teams that are trying to avoid following the neccessary protocols, they are only screening players," SAFPU president Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe tells

"Screening doesn't mean you are testing. Remember, some have been found positive with no symptoms and we appeal to teams to do the right thing."

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Gaoshubelwe says they are at least comforted by the fact that the PSL sent a document that outlines the safety protocols everybody needs to adhere to before any resumption of games.

"Before football we got worried when we first heard about Covid-19 that it affects human lives, and our concern was how we protect those who are on the forefront like nurses and doctors," he continues.

"Back to football, FIFA gave recomandations and regulations that only government can allow football to resume and we were comforted by the documents that were sent to the ministers that all PSL players will be protected.

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"And all matter of enforcement before the resumption will be attended to, and if it's not happening it's putting players' lives in danger."

The PSL has called a press conference for Monday when it is expected chairman Irvin Khoza will announce 18 July as local football's return date.

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