De Sa blasts Ajax players


Despite Ajax having a one-man advantage in the last 20 minutes of the game, they failed to cause any real test for the visitors’ back-four, and De Sa hit out at his senior players for the poor effort.

“We’ve got a guy like Nathan [Paulse] playing and we can’t cross the ball; that is disappointing when you have senior players that can’t cross the ball,” he said.

“And I suppose you’re allowed to have bad matches, but I thought it was probably the worst game Scotty [Granwald Scott] played this season, and a few others too.

“But there are a few positives, and I thought [Aiden] Jenniker did a great job coming in as a sub and Ansi [Jaakkola] found his form again. So there are positives but, overall for us, it was a poor point – it was two points lost rather than a point won,” added De Sa.

The former Orlando Pirates coach was also left frustrated early in the second half when youngster Bantu Mzwakali did everything right but failed to convert his effort in front of goal. 

De Sa feels that the midfielder lacks the ability to finish, and says it is something that he is looking to work on with the 21-year-old.

“It’s one of those things, when you get a player and say ‘oh, the player is fantastic, he’s got pace, he works hard, he gets into good positions,’ and the only thing he can’t do is score.

"I suppose if he could score he’ll be at Real Madrid by now, because he has everything else, and so it’s one of those things; he gets into good positions but his finishing is not the best.

"His decision-making in front of goal is poor but we’ve got to keep on working on that,” concluded the Ajax mentor.