Senior players blamed for Chiefs' downfall


A Kaizer Chiefs legend has launched a scathing attack on the current team as he believes they are to blame for the club’s ongoing struggles under new coach Gavin Hunt.

According to club legend Robson Muchichwa, Chiefs senior players’ poor performances are what got German coach Ernst Middendorp fired at the club last season.

On Wednesday, Amakhosi produced another dull showing as they were forced to come from 2-0 down to salvage a draw against a struggling Black Leopards side.

With Hunt coming under increasing pressure, Muchichwa has pointed the finger at players for not pulling their weight, while suggesting they are sabotaging the technical team’s work.

“It's a pity Gavin Hunt could not sign players, but I hope after December he would be able to sort out a lot of stuff," Muchichwa tells

“You know, when you go to a big club like Kaizer Chiefs and you don't go with one or two players of your choice, it becomes a problem you see. That's what hit him [Hunt] hard.

“I don't want to lie, I'm disappointed even from last season with some senior players, whereby you end up pointing at the coach and saying the coach is doing this and that.

“You know, for me, Middendorp was sent off by the players ­– they are the ones who got him fired, because you can't tell me you win many games and all of a sudden, you’re stuck and then say the coach's tactics are not working. For me it doesn't make sense.

“And right now, this thing is continuing, so who needs to be fired now? Because you can't fire Gavin Hunt – he has done nothing wrong. Senior players are not taking responsibility.

“You know, when you go to Sundowns and check the youngsters that are coming into the team, you know they are coming in without pressure because they've got senior players who are taking the pressure off them. That way they end up delivering.

“It's not like that at Kaizer Chiefs, where you bring in a youngster and expect him to change things. I feel pity for the youngsters who are being promoted now at Chiefs, because they don't have leaders.

“Senior players need to take a lot of weight when things are down, so that they can bring up the youngsters. You can't promote a youngster to bring up a senior player, it's impossible.

“For me, if the Chiefs’ senior players do not get along with each other then it shows that they are cowards. If you come with your personal issues into a big organisation like Kaizer Chiefs, then you are in a wrong place.

“So, if you are there do your best and make history. What history are you imparting now? What are you going to tell young kids after retiring? Right now, you are calling me because of what we did in football before, which makes me proud.”

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