Top 10 PSL dribblers, no Chiefs stars


South African football is largely enjoyed not for its vast amount of goals scored per match or per season but often for its flair, or otherwise known as ‘Kasi Flavour’.

Seldomly such flair is used productively, however, with different tricks performed in futile areas of the pitch, though it is still lauded as entertaining by the fans.

But some individuals are adept at using their trickery and skill to good effect and for the greater good of helping the team in the attacking phase.

Such players have recorded successful dribbles, which is seen as the successful navigation past a defender, who would otherwise have stopped the attack through dispossession or a foul.

With the highest number of successful dribbles record in the 2019/20 Absa Premiership campaign by one individual at 29, check out the gallery above to see who makes up the top 10 on averages per 90 minutes...