READER’S VIEW: The problem with strikers

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I think we need to do a root cause analysis of this challenge facing our country and not look at the symptoms of lacking quality strikers.

Firstly, I think SAFA, alongside our government, could have done better in terms of grassroots development of football in our country.

The position of striker is a specialist position that needs thorough and detailed preparation from an early age; we need to get kids to start playing football under the tutelage of qualified coaches from junior primary schools.

Secondly, football business needs to be regulated by SAFA; just an example is that the PSL must advance a certain percentage of their profit to grassroots development of football in our country so that kids can get basic training and playing resources and that should be made mandatory.

Thirdly, it should be made compulsory that professional teams must have development sides. Just to make an example, I think it should never had happened that at some stage teams like Pirates and Chiefs did not have development structures, whilst at the same time amassing millions from sponsorships that were going directly to individuals pockets. That is being greedy and not thinking about the future of SA football.

Barcelona and Ajax Amsterdam are an example of teams that are renowned world over for investing in development.

Lastly, if you look at the most successful footballers we have produced in recent years, they all left SA early before the age of 20 (Fortune, McCarthy, Pienaar, Mbazo and Buckley). That says something about the quality of our coaches in SA.

We cannot produce a world-class footballer unless they go to Europe for fine-tuning at an early age. That should also be looked into because every person can be appointed as a coach in our country, irrespective of weather they are qualified or not.

Remember what happened in Spain with Zidane … we need something like that to ensure that our youngsters are in capable hands.

I think this holistic approach might assist in scouting quality footballers in SA, including better strikers.

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