Cole cools Chiefs talk


Alexander's contract with City will expire at the end of the season, meaning he is free to negotiate a new deal with other clubs if he so wishes.

When asked about Chiefs' reported interest, Alexander tells "Yes, I heard about those rumours but there's nothing concrete, I only read about them in the papers. No one has called me or told me anything about that."

The former Ajax Cape Town man says he has not ruled out staying at Rise and Shine if his financial expectations are met.

"Something like that, yes. I'm happy at Polokwane, yes something like that. I'm playing at the moment, so I'm happy at Polokwane for now. But I'm still talking to the club, we are still in talks [regarding a new contract]. We are waiting on the club and my manager is the one who would know more."

The 26-year-old adds: "Any player or footballer wants to secure a good deal for his family's future. At this stage of my career I'm thinking about a better deal, not only for me but also for my family. Whatever is best for me and my family that's the route I'm going. A football career is really short, so if I can get a good contract I can support my family, that's the most important thing."