Dikwena's Diale backs Kodisang

Much is expected of the midfielder after he made his PSL debut at the age of 15 in the 2015/16 season. 

Diale, however, feels the teenager must be given time to develop.

"He is yet to be free and to be himself," Diale told the club's website.

"I am not blaming anyone for that. If you play with your peers and they know you are a brilliant player, they will always tell you to go on. They know you are capable of exploiting spaces, creating and scoring goals. If some of his first team teammates can say ‘do your thing, we are behind you’, I believe he would come out on top."

Diale continued: "Pressure is playing a huge role for him to be seen. People can see that this boy is brilliant. He hasn’t scored for us but we need to give him time. I believe that he is going to get the scoring boot on and we will be raving about him. I believe these three goals have boosted his confidence.

"Even in the PSL, he is not doing badly because he has got a couple of assists. Against Polokwane City, he took on the responsibility. I believe the confidence is there. He can now start scoring. He would fight to put one in for the first team."