Pitso: Why players get stuck in the stands


Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane has defended against the notion that the club kills players' careers by letting them rot in the stands.

Sundowns have often been criticised in the past for having large squads and several players not getting game-time, which led to some labelling the club 'Chloorkop prison'.

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The Brazilians are again roping in new stars ahead of the 2020/21 season, and though Mosimane has confirmed that they are planning on releasing a few who have not contributed much in their treble-winning campaign, some might still end up stuck in the stands.

'Jingles' has since washed his hands of blame for those individuals, explaining that the players stuck in the stands are there only because they choose to be.

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"Unfortunately football is about, yes, the money but there's the game also. How many times have we heard players saying, 'It's not about the money, I want to play,'" explained Mosimane.

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"And how many say that and really mean what they say? How many can take a pay cut and go play [somewhere else]? It's up to the player.

"The challenge is [if] I'm a player at a certain team, I earn R10 and Sundowns wants me; when I go to Sundowns, of course I'm going to ask for more – my agent is going to say, 'No, no, no, R30.'

"The club will say if they can pay R30 or R25, they'll reach an agreement. You then change your lifestyle, it's normal. I've changed my lifestyle since the time I started working, I mean really.

"Now when you don't play well and you start being on the bench, then it's normal that you complain, 'I need game-time.' But we can't take out Themba Zwane for you to play, because you have to play the same or above [him]. 'Ja, but I came here to play.'

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"So, what now? If you want game-time, it's guaranteed you'll get game-time somewhere because if you are signed by Pirates, Chiefs or Sundowns, it means you are a good player and you'll get another club.

"The problem is now I've changed my life, so can you go back? Your lifestyle was first at one, now you took it to three [by joining Sundowns], can you go to two? 

"People struggle to go back to two hey, even though they were at one before. So, that's how football works and that's the situation with the football players.

"I tell the players, if you're earning R10, don't live off R10. Live with R4, so that when you have trouble, you can still come back and survive.

"So, players want to stay because of the money, and then it's easy for you to say, 'Ah, but guys, this guy has been here for four years and played 10 games.'

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"Do you think if somebody wants this guy, we will say no? So [people say] we want to keep him but [he's not playing], then we are bad as people and me as a coach, I'm not a nice guy, I'm frustrating this poor guy.

"No, that's sabotage, we don't do that. It is the way you see it. If somebody wants a player that's not playing, he says, 'Can I even have him as a loan?' We'll let him go my friend."

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