Pitso: Players aren’t fair and honest

Sundowns have come under fire on several occasions by their former players, who have publicly criticised the club while alleging that they were mistreated during their stay.

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One recent case in point was Guinean national midfielder Toni Silva, who penned a scathing open letter to Mosimane following his move to Egyptian Premier League club Al Ittihad at the end of January.

Ironically, Mosimane had recently spoken on players’ volatility and habits of running to complain in the media when the chips are down while being misleading in the reporting of their situations.

“Sometimes players go to the media and say I never greeted him – you know the stories. ‘He doesn’t like me, he likes Denis [Onyango] a lot, but he doesn’t greet Kennedy [Mweene] because he only sees Denis,’” Mosimane explained as an example.

“You know players. Players are players. He’ll never tell you, ‘I missed training every day; I’m injured; I’m not focussed; when people are running, I’m not giving my best; I’ve got excuses.’

“By the way, the guys’ stats are saying 12km [distance covered], 15 hard sprints, four what-what. We’re living in a world of stats and you can’t hide in football now – no way.

“We’ve put the training sessions on camera; we’ve put players in the GPS vests in training, and then they say, ‘Oh, I don’t know why I’m not playing.’

“But come and see what your input in training is – you’re running 2km while the other guy is doing 8km, and you want to play? When you’re playing, you’re running 4km.”

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‘Jingles’ further described the intricacies of dealing with players and their extravagant social lives, while assuring that he goes to sleep every night without a guilty conscience.

“We also have to deal with players’ social lives. Sometimes they are not fair and honest, and they play in your [media] space because you’ve got the other side,” he added.

“They’ll say, ‘I don’t know why I’m not playing. Pitso is not playing me.’ Okay, when you leave Sundowns and go wherever you go, you still score one goal per year – so is it me now?

“Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Let’s be honest and let’s be fair. I sleep very well, I don’t sleep knowing that I’m sabotaging anyone. No, I sleep very well.”

The former Bafana Bafana mentor also admitted that sometimes he does get it wrong with his selections and omissions, but insists he is never afraid to apologise therefor.

“But remember, I also make mistakes because I’m a human being. Sometimes I’m wrong, and when I am, I don’t have an ego to not say sorry to a player.”

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