Phungwayo addresses sangoma talk


Former Orlando Pirates star Patrick Phungwayo is not happy with reports that he is now a practising sangoma.

The 32-year-old has been without a club since leaving Free State Stars at the end of the 2018/19 season following the club's relegation from the top-flight.

View pictures of Phungwayo above that have led people to assume he is a sangoma 

Phungwayo has also dismissed media stories that he has now retired from football due to a spiritual calling.

"People are busy talking saying I've retired just because I posted a picture wearing ibhayi," Phungwayo tells

"Even back at home in Eswatini they wrote a story that I have retired because of being a sangoma. But I always tell people one doesn't become a sangoma because he wears amabhayi.

"I cannot tell you whether I'm a sangoma or a nyanga. You can wear a bhayi just because you are the ancestors' child and that doesn't mean you have to undergo an initiation.

"The journey that I'm going through, I don't know how to explain it and I can't explain what am I. Sometimes we wear amabhayi just because our ancestors want us to acknowledge.

"Ukuthwasa doesn't mean your life has ended. Ukuthwasa means you've acknowledged the ones who took before you. My grandma was an inyanga at some point. But it doesn't mean at some point in my home there must be a sangoma.

"Everybody has amadlozi. Some call them angels. But it doesn't mean they have to undergo an initiation. Some ancestors are within you just so they can protect you.

"Maybe you need to teach people because most people they don't understand... even my mother had a bhayi. She died when I was young, so I was told to get a bhayi. My mother was not a nyanga or sangoma. She was just a normal person.

"People will be surprised when I come back. Retirement is something that I need to confirm. If I decide that I'm done with soccer, then I will tell you I'm done with soccer."

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