Aces proud of Japanese kit deal


Welcoming guests to the press conference were co-chairmen of Aces, Mario Morfou and George Morfou, coach Clive Barker and Dr Haruhisa Handa, the founder of ISPS.

Black Aces will now proudly represent ISPS's vision of ‘the power of sport’. ISPS will join Umbro, Ermelo Toyota and Tsogo Sun as the PSL team’s primary sponsors.

"I founded ISPS in 2006 with the intention of supporting charitable causes throughout the sporting world and, when I decided to move into the world of football in Africa, the Black Aces stood out immediately," said Dr Handa.

"There is an undeniable power that football has in Africa to speak to the masses and make real changes. The work that Aces does with their community-based work is something we will be proud to support with our mutual association moving forward."

George Morfou said: "We would like to thank Dr Handa and his ISPS organisation for their commitment toward Aces and can assure them that we will endeavor to be great brand ambassadors.

"Football is about creating partnerships, and we really appreciate this global investment. We immediately bought into the vision and core values of the ISPS organisation," added Mario Morfou.

ISPS believes strongly in the power of sport to create hope and to inspire people in a way that transforms society and unites communities. ISPS works with golf governing bodies and charities worldwide to help develop the game of golf at every level, including the promotion of blind and disabled golf, which is testament to this.

ISPS is looking forward to further developing ‘the power of sport’ through this new initiative in collaboration with the Black Aces, one of the most exciting Premier Soccer League teams in South Africa.

The sponsorship deal is the first in 20 years for the club, which was previously sponsored by Total.