'Feeding my family motivates me'

Josephs has confirmed that the Clever Boys have extended his stay at Sturrock Park, with his current deal set to expire at the end of June.

Despite being just weeks away from his 38th birthday, the former Bafana Bafana gloveman has expressed his gratitude to the club for showing continued faith in his abilities.

“Yeah, of course [I still want to play]. We’re going to have to look at one year at a time now, it’s not long-term anymore,” Josephs told KickOff.com.

“I’m grateful Wits has offered me a new contract, which is more motivation – I’m still hungry and I still have the desire to win.

“Once that desire goes away, then I’ll think about hanging up my boots and gloves. But while that desire to be successful is there, I’m going to keep pushing.

“All that my focus is on now is next season – getting the team back to where it needs to be.

“We had a bit of a rough season but still we won a trophy, and that’s something to motivate us to go even better. Next season we need to rectify where we went wrong.”

Playing second choice to Darren Keet, and recently even third-choice to young reserve Kyle Peters, does not phase Josephs, who is passionate about giving back to the game that has fed his family throughout his playing career, which has spanned 21-years thus far.

“Feeding my family still motivates me. This is something that… My bru, I come from the ghetto. This game has helped me so much, I don’t worry about being second or third-choice,” he adds.

“As long as I can be a better me every day, and if I don’t play I’ll be there for the team, and if play then I’m still helping the team.

“In the end, my family is eating, everyone is happy, and that motivates me. The football is the outlet to get my family to a better place in their lives.

“Football has been good to me, and I need to give back to football for as long as I possibly can.”