Mato: I don't bend PSL rules for anyone


Golden Arrows chairperson Mato Madlala has explained why doubling up as the PSL CEO has been working as calls for a permanent appointment continue.

Madlala has been acting PSL CEO for years and there have been questions about why the League does not have a permanent official for the post.

League chairman Irvin Khoza recently attempted to explain the situation and said Madlala is doing a fantastic job, which makes it difficult for him to find a replacement.

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The Arrows boss declared that she will never take up the position permanently as they are still looking for a suitable person for the job and the leadership needs to groom a new generation to take over.

"We need to groom a new generation. The plan for me to be in this position was to understand our League on where we are at and where we are heading," Madlala said on a recent visit to Durban.

"Number one, the economy is not good so we had to look at what can be another source of income in our football when sponsors are drying up, so those are some of the exercises I had to do," she explained.

"Number two, who we really need as PSL CEO. Before we were not sure what kind of background we need from a CEO, so now we know and we can advise on who can be the next permanent CEO.

"Then came other challenges like refereeing and other things, then you asked can you project how we can introduce VAR and how we can run it."

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"We are all the same in football, we all want the same treatment. No one wants to be treated like a small team because it's annoying," Madlala responded.

"The mistakes that were happening before were because when someone joined they came with the attitude that if I give good service to the big three teams the job is done.

"There's no such thing. Club owners don't want that, they all need the same and equal treatment.

"I deal with Mr John Comitis the same way I deal with Dr Irvin Khoza and Mr Kaizer Motaung. If there's a need to say no, I say no, If yes, I say yes to everyone equally. If someone says something that doesn't make sense, I disagree. Also if it make sense, we work on it.

"I don't bend rules for anyone, that's why we get along as club bosses because they know I don't bend rules."

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