Gallants boss insists Kerr deal is on


Marumo Gallants FC chairman Abram Sello is surprised with reports claiming that Dylan Kerr has made his decision to leave the club. 

During his short-term deal last season, Kerr helped the club avoid relegation and also led the team a major trophy in the form of the Nedbank Cup.

Sello refuted claims that the club and the coach have decided to go separate ways, as they are still in negotiants.

"I'm not aware of that unless he rejects it before we analyse it," Sello tells

"Remember he's in the negotiations, and if he rejects it, he must be able to tell us he has rejected it and the message has not arrived at us. We are still busy entertaining the contract and we want him as much as we did last year. The issue of rejection I don't know about that.

"All the time I've been pushing and pushing to him and his agent saying 'Guys we are getting late as the 30th it's the last day', but it seems somehow they waited for the last minute. But as far as my knowledge tells me, we are still in those particular negotiations and the conditions around his employment as required.

"So far I don't have any answers from them, we still waiting for their response, remember there is no deadline until the league starts. We still in the window period of registering new players, registering coaches and all those. I was just worried about the expiry date of the old contract, which we could renew at any given point in time, but we were busy negotiating and communicating around that. And If my memory serves me well, we are still in those negotiations. Unless they come to me and say it has been rejected.

"Unfortunately, if it's gonna be a case where he rejects our offer then there is no way that I'm gonna have a choice. I'm gonna start afresh. But so far we had nobody in mind, we still focusing on him. The last season he did well, so I did not expect such. But let's hear from him directly, he can't respond through KickOff or media on the negotiations.

"I'm still deep inside the negotiations and the arrangement of the contract. If there is anything that he doesn't like he should have told me. The last time the agent Paul Mitchell was not involved now he's involved so it's a triangular thing. But for us we still need him, in our minds he's still our coach unless otherwise. As Marumo Gallants we still want him we believe in him."

When asked by this publication if he has decided to leave the club, Kerr could only say, "Out of contract."