Mark Fish in trouble with SAFA


South African soccer legend Mark Fish is in trouble with the South African Football Association for breaking one of the country's lockdown restrictions.

The former Bafana Bafana, Lazio and Bolton Wanderers defender together with his foundation usually organises soccer tournaments on farms and in rural areas.

Fish recently posted pictures of themselves organising amateur games in Morokweng in the North West despite the country having gone back to Level 3 lockdown, under which amateur football remains prohibited.

But according to foundation coordinator Lourika Vlietspra, they are not affiliated under SAFA hence they are in the dark about the new regulations.

"You know Mark, the children contact him then he responds," Lourika tells

"Yoh that was such an experience ja. All the goats on the field... aargh it was so funny. No but we know we don't get SAFA communication, we are not a member of SAFA so that's why we don't know.

"And also the match that they played wasn't a competition or anything, it was just children playing football. So unless there is a national order from government that children are not allowed to play, I think then we will attend to it. But I haven't seen any instructions.

"Tournaments and competitions definitely we are not doing it, but for children just playing and wanting to show Mark how talented they are, you know every child thinks they are the next Messi or Ronaldo. So then he allowed that ja.

"So he went there to speak to them and motivate them about their futures and life choices, and then they asked if they could just show him their talent and he said, 'Ja let's play a match but let's keep it to 20 minutes.' It was just the girls and the boys, it wasn't even a full team."

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Contacted for clarity, SAFA's Dominic Chimhavi was clear that no matter what the intention is, group sporting activities are prohibited.

"No, it's not allowed. They are breaking the law. No no no, they are breaking the law. That is a breach of the law," he says.

"We have made it clear as the Association that all amateur football is suspended with immediate effect, you understand? And we are taking a cue from the government. For anyone who is breaking the law... he's breaking the law, and doing so openly you know.

"Definitely we will gather all the information and look at what possible action will be taken, because I mean we can't allow the people to breach the law when we have just sent out a circular to say, 'All amateur football has been suspended, non-professional football has been suspended.'

"Because there is a massive spread of this disease and we need to curb it, and everyone should play his part. So if someone breaks the law, it's unacceptable."