Morfou: Selling Black Aces was a mistake


Former Mpumalanga Black Aces co-chairman Mario Morfou admits he is regretting his decision to sell the club's status to John Comitis.

After buying the club in 2016, Comitis relocated the team from the province of Mpumalanga to the Western Cape and renamed it Cape Town City.

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"The decision pains us, but the reality is after 14 years, we received a very lucrative offer that made pure business sense," read a statement released by Mario and his brother George at the time.

In the same year the Morfou brothers bought the third-tier status of Tornado FC and renamed it Alex Black Aces.

"You know we've made a mistake to sell Black Aces and allow them to move it out of the province," Morfou tells

"We should never have done that. If I had to change things, I wouldn't have allowed the club to move out of the province, I would have made it a condition that it stays there.

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"First of all, I regret selling the team, that is the first thing. The second thing is, I regret not enforcing that the team stays in the province. So if I had to do it all over again, and I had to sell, I don't think I would have agreed to leave the province."

Touching on the Bloemfontein Celtic and Tim Sukazi issue, Morfou believes it is all dependent on Max Tshabalala's financial situation.

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"Look, it all depends on the man's financial situation. If he cannot sustain the club then he must sell. It all depends on the gentleman's financial position. He might not be in a position to carry on running it," Morfou explains.

"Listen, I know Sukazi well, and I think he will do a good job for the game. So for Tim to buy it is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. But my advice to Tim is he shouldn't move it out of the province. That's my opinion and that's my advice."

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Morfou added that he still has ambitions of returning to the Premier Soccer League one day.

"Look, you never know, I'm still weighing up my options. We have looked at a few clubs in the NFD, but we haven't agreed on anything concrete yet."